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Secure auth and user management that convert more users for your apps

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All-in-one Auth Solution

Quick to implement. Easy to customize prebuilt frontend for authentication and user management.

Signup Page

Use prebuilt Signup and Login page for frictionless user experience. Design for high conversion rate without compromising security.


Passkeys, Single Sign-on, Social Login, Two-Factor Authentication, Biometrics, and more.

Admin Portals

User Management for your admin or customer support to create, remove, disable or revoke users' sessions with a few clicks.

Built-in users analytics and audit log for marketing and security purpose.

Self-Service Settings

Prebuilt account setting page for users to change passwords, set up 2FA, revoke signed in sessions, or edit profile information, without having to contact the support team.

Don't have to worry about complex APIs or SDKs, just use the pre-built UI with customisable brands.

Make it easy for developers to meet complex auth requirements

SSO & Social Login

Login on once to multiple apps; Sign in with Google, Apple, Facebook and more

Two-Factor Authentication

Add 2FA support (SMS or TOTP Authenticator) to your app in minutes

Passkeys & Biometrics

Don't bother with password anymore, go Passwordless via Passkeys, SMS/Email or Biometrics

Azure AD/LDAP Supported

Need integration with your legacy or existing WIAM? We got your back!

Password Policies

Customizable Password Policies to fulfilling your corporate security requirements

Sessions Alert and Revoke

Empower your users to ensure their account's security by listing their sessions and terminate unknown one

Passkeys &
2FA out of the box

Build your app not another login

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Plug-and-play authentication for your web or mobile apps

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