Secure & Cost-Effective Access for Your Extended Workforce

Managing access for a growing, diverse workforce can be complex, especially for retailers with hybrid IT environments. Existing WIAM solutions often fall short, leaving you with siloed systems, manual provisioning headaches, and security concerns.

Empower Your Frontline with Secure, Streamlined Access: Authgear for Extended Enterprises

Authgear for Extended Workforce is the answer.
Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing directory services, allowing you to:

Securely onboard and manage frontline staff and contractors:

Easily create groups and roles for provisioning, leveraging batch user creation for fast and efficient setup.

Streamline retail frontline access management:

Grant and revoke access to critical systems and resources based on roles and permissions, ensuring only authorized personnel have access.

Maintain high security standards:

Enforce multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, and other advanced security features to protect sensitive data.

Save time and money:

Eliminate manual provisioning tasks and streamline access management processes, reducing administrative overhead and costs.

Discover Your Success Story: Explore Success Stories

Get inspired by Authgear's real-world impact! We've helped leading companies across diverse industries streamline extended workforce access and elevate security.

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Empowering Your Extended Workforce:
Tailored Access & Secure Control

Forget one-size-fits-all access solutions. Authgear builds a custom access experience for your frontline staff and contractors. Grant controlled access to authorized apps, integrate seamlessly with internal systems, ditch frustrating passwords with modern MFA like facial recognition, and empower key staff for account recovery.

Dedicated Access for Your Extended Workforce

Forget managing duplicate systems. Authgear allows you to create a separate environment for frontline staff and contractors, completely isolated from your internal company network. This means they only access the specific applications you authorize, keeping data secure and streamlining workflows.

Seamless Integrations with Flexibility

Authgear seamlessly integrates with existing WIAM solutions like ADFS and Google Workspace. Your office staff can continue using their familiar logins (like Microsoft accounts or LDAP) to access applications shared with the frontline, fostering collaboration and eliminating access silos.

Modern & Convenient MFA

Authgear offers diverse multi-factor authentication options like facial recognition and device-based biometric logins, perfect for frontline staff. Not only do you enhance security, but you also simplify physical presence verification and clock-in processes.

Empowered Account Recovery

Minimize IT support headaches with designated key staff recovery. Shop managers, team leads, or security personnel can assist with forgotten passwords or lockouts, reducing dependence on your central IT team and keeping operations running smoothly.

Navigate the Frontier of Workforce Access:
Authgear WIAM for Extended Teams

We equip you with the tools and expertise to secure your digital domain,
empower your workforce, and unlock their full potential.

Secure Sign-up & Approval

Frictionless registration for external users with controlled access for authorized personnel, even with their personal emails and phone numbers.

Manage Yourself &
Get IT Help

Dedicated portal for self-service tasks (password reset, profile updates) and responsive IT support.

Granular Access for Everyone

Define & enforce access based on roles, restricting features & applications for optimal security.

Multi-Factor & Passwordless Choices

Choose from a variety of secure authentication options like MFA, passkeys, or even face recognition for frontline staff's physical presence.

One System for All Identities

Seamless integration with existing WIAM solutions like ADFS & Google Workspace.

Bulk Accounts
in a Flash

Fast user creation with CSV upload or API and passwordless login/email invitation options.

Integration with HR System

Connect directly with your existing HR system. Ensure frontline staff have the right access, effortlessly and automatically.

Access Anywhere, Any Device

Whether desktop, mobile, or tablet, Authgear's responsive platform empowers your team to work where they need to, seamlessly.

Secure Your Data, Simplify Operations: Eliminate IAM Headaches with Authgear

Ready to revolutionize access management? Contact us and discover how Authgear can centralize your IAM without the complexity, boosting efficiency and security.

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