Biometric Authentication

Easily enable biometric authentication with minimal efforts to provide better experience and enhance security.

Don't Risk Your Security by Implementing Biometrics Incorrectly

Implementing biometric login on mobile is error-prone as it requires a secure by design architecture on both server-side and client-side. With Authgear, you can easily implement biometric login without having to develop it from scratch, with the strongest industry encryption standard and battle-tested architecture.

Provide Frictionless Login Experience with Biometric Authentication

Acquire and retain your users with smooth login experience. More than 60% of consumers now prefer logging into different apps and software through biometric authentication. Biometric technologies like Face ID and Touch ID are second nature to many app users since they can easily log in without having to memorize several usernames, passwords and even PINs.

Strengthen Security with Biometric 2FA

Biometric authentication verifies user’s identity using inherence factors like fingerprint and facial patterns, making it harder for hackers to crack. 81% of data breach incidents were caused by stolen credentials. Using biometric authentication as part of the two-factor authentication process allows you to significantly reduce the risk of data breach caused by password-based attacks.

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Easily Implement Biometric Authentication with Authgear

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