OTP with WhatsApp

Allow users to log into your app via OTP with WhatsApp, as a more budget-friendly alternative to SMS and secure authentication method, to increase conversion rate and grow sales with more engagement.

OTP With WhatsApp Is a Budget-Friendly Alternative to SMS OTP

Send OTP with WhatsApp can save you an average of USD $17,390 per year with 30,000 monthly active users compared to SMS OTP.

Increase App Conversion Rate with Simple 3-step OTP with WhatsApp

OTP with WhatsApp provides a frictionless signup process for you to significantly increase app conversion rate.
Users can easily create new account with the existing information on WhatsApp and will not be interrupted by deliverability issue that has troubled SMS OTP.

Leverage WhatsApp Drip Campaign to Boost Sales

After your users sign up via OTP with WhatsApp, you can leverage WhatsApp Chatbot solutions, such as Wati and ORAI Robotics, to conduct automated campaigns on WhatsApp, which is proven to be much more effective than SMS or emails.

50% higher Response Rates

70% Click Through Rates (CTR)

20% Increased Sales Closure

Messages Read within 3 Seconds

Grow Sales Funnel 60%

Save Manpower Cost by 25%

Enhance Security While Improving User Experience

No need to find the balance between security and user experience. OTP sent via WhatsApp provides a simpler login and re-authentication process for users while enhancing security with end-to-end encryption and passwordless authentication.

Leverage The Most Popular Messenger App Across The Globe

WhatsApp has approximately 2 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular global mobile messenger app. Furthermore, it is free from the international deliverability issues of SMS. Send OTPs with the messenger service your users are familiar with to verify transactions and logins, providing smoother user experience and increasing customer retention.
Users can still verify through SMS if they do not use WhatsApp.

Easily Switch Your OTP and 2FA to WhatsApp Now

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