Taming the Workforce Wild West: WIAM for Extended Workforces

The modern workplace is no longer a nine-to-five saloon. It's a bustling frontier of diverse talent, from frontline staff to seasoned contractors. But managing their access? That's where things get dusty. Traditional WIAM solutions are like rickety stagecoaches – slow, clunky, and full of security holes.

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December 21, 2023

Hold your horses, partners! The modern workplace ain't the one-horse town it used to be. Today, your posse ain't just permanent employees - it's a bustling frontier of diverse talent, from hard-riding frontline staff to seasoned contractor crews. But managing their identities and access? That's where things get a little... dusty.

Traditional WIAM solutions, built for the era of saloon doors and oil lamps, can't handle this new breed of workforce. They're like a rickety stagecoach, slow and clunky, with security holes bigger than a Texas canyon. We need a different kind of varmint - a WIAM for the extended workforce, your digital sheriff ready to tame the Wild West of access management.

WIAM for the Extended Workforce: Your Six-Shooter for Secure Access

WIAM for Extended Workforces
  • Onboarding in a Flash: No more mountains of paperwork! Automated workflows provision access based on roles or project requirements, getting your posse up and running faster than a tumbleweed in a tornado.
  • Mobile is King: Ditch the clunky desktop interfaces! Secure and user-friendly mobile apps put essential resources at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for frontline riders on the move.
  • Security Reigns Supreme: Granular access control ensures only authorized gunslingers touch the safe. No more saloon brawls over sensitive data leaks!
  • Compliance is a Walk in the Park: Breathe easy knowing your WIAM solution navigates the regulatory jungle like a seasoned prospector. HIPAA? GDPR? No problem!
  • Efficiency Gallops into Town: Automated processes and streamlined access management free up valuable resources for more pressing matters, like building your digital empire.

Frontline & Contractors: Access Management Tailored for Your Skills

Access Management for Frontline & Contractors

WIAM for the Extended Workforce knows not everyone wears the same Stetson. It caters to your unique needs:

  • Frontline Staff: Simple interfaces and limited access permissions keep them productive and secure, without bogging them down with complexity.
  • Contractors: Secure federated identity management allows seamless collaboration, fostering trust without compromising security. Just-in-time access grants access for specific projects, then automatically revokes it - no more lingering ghosts in the system.

But wait, there's more! This ain't your grandpop's WIAM solution. We've got features sharper than a coyote's tooth:

  • Integration with the HR System: No more dusty ledgers! Seamless HR integration keeps your roster up-to-date, meaning new recruits get their badges fast, while outlaws are swiftly removed from the payroll.
  • Self-Service Registration & Approval Process: Save time and let contractors and temporary workers register and get access approved themselves, all within a secure, self-service portal. No more waiting for the town clerk to hand out permits.
  • Admin Portal & Self-Service Setting Page: Like a seasoned gunslinger customizing their six-shooter, your admins get a dedicated portal to manage access, roles, and permissions with ease. And for your posse, a self-service setting page lets them update their details and preferences, keeping things smooth on the digital trail.
  • Passwordless & 2FA: Ditch the flimsy passwords and embrace the future! Secure passwordless authentication and two-factor verification keep your data safe from even the most cunning rustlers.
  • Role-Based & App-Based Access Control: Like a mining operation with designated roles, your WIAM solution assigns access based on roles and specific apps. No more bartenders tinkering with the bank vault, and no more miners fiddling with the saloon piano. Everyone gets the tools they need, and no more!

WIAM for the Extended Workforce: Your digital sheriff, keeping your data safe, your posse productive, and your business booming. So, saddle up, partner, and leave the days of dusty WIAM solutions behind. With the right solution, you can transform your extended workforce from a wild bunch into a well-oiled machine, ready to conquer any digital frontier.

Contact us today and let us show you how our WIAM solution can wrangle your extended workforce and unleash the true potential of your diverse talent!


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