Customer Identity and Access Management

More than just a portal to manage customer identity and access, Authgear helps you acquire and retain more customers with frictionless, secure customer authentication experience throughout the user journey.

Grow Your Business with Higher Conversion and Retention

Delivering seamless user experience from the very first click helps you convert customers for life.

Signup Page That Converts More Users

Authgear provides a pre-built signup and login page with customizable branding that follows best sign-up page practices to help you minimize bounce rate and acquire more users. You can add your own logo and change the colors to align it with your brand guidelines.

Frictionless Authentication

Equip your apps with a variety of frictionless authentication methods, such as passkeys, biometrics, WhatsApp OTP, social logins, etc., for users to easily sign up for and log into your apps without all the hassles related to passwords.

Self-Service Settings

Empower your users to have more control over their credentials and activities with the pre-built account setting page. Customers can manage their identities, change their passwords, manage their authentication methods, set up 2FA, revoke signed in sessions, or even edit their profile information without having to contact the support team.

Create Loyal Customers with Better Security and Services

Ensure quality customer service and data security to boost customer loyalty and sales.

2FA & Biometric Authentication

Enable and easily configure two-factor authentication and biometric authentication to protect your users from cyberattacks. Available secondary authentication methods include authenticator app, additional password, and OTPs via different channels.

Streamlined Customer Support

Simple interface for your admin or customer support teams to manage your users and provide quality customer services. Easily create, remove, disable, or revoke users’ sessions with just a few clicks.

User Analytics & Audit Log

Collect data that truly matters with user analytics for more personalized marketing campaigns and apply user insights to product development. Audit log also helps you look into different activities to protect your applications from cyberattacks.

Reduce Time to Market and Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

The complexity of customer identity and access management requires a lot of resources to develop, maintain, and improve. However, CIAM is no longer an afterthought as users now value user experience and data security over pricing.Instead of having your in-house developers work on a brand new authentication system, let Authgear take care of all CIAM matters to help you increase developer efficiency and reduce development or compliance costs.

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