Enterprise External Identity and Access Management

Integrate your business apps with Authgear to centralize and manage the identity and access of your extended team, including non-desk workers, contractors, agents, vendors, etc., to maximize productivity and reduce IT complexity.

Extended Workforce Poses Complex External IAM Challenges

Businesses are faced with complex scenarios of Identity and Access Management (IAM) as they expand their workforce to maximize productivity and profitability.

Not everyone working for your business needs a corporate email account. Contractors, agents, field sales, non-desk workers, and other external users need access to internal business applications but traditional IAM solutions are ill-suited for these atypical situations. Furthermore, using IAM solutions to manage their identity and access can be quite costly due to their higher cost per user and other IT-associated costs.

Authgear offers an out of the box solution to help you:

  • Centralize identity and access management of your internal and external users.
  • Provide self-service user flows for signups with their own email / phone, and approval process.
  • Ensure external users only access what they need and provide frictionless user experience.

A Single Identity and Access Management Platform to Manage Your Extended Workforce, Partners, and Non-desk Workers

Self-Registration & Approval Process

Allow contractors, agents, non-desk workers, and other external users to create their own accounts through frictionless signup process and approve their registration to avoid unauthorized access.

Admin Portal & Self-Service Settings

Help reduce the burden of your IT team with our pre-built self-service setting page. External users can reset their passwords and manage their profiles without contacting your team. Our admin portal also allows your IT support to provide the help that your users need.

Role-Based and Application-Based Control

Define and enable conditional access based on their roles and responsibilities to ensure extended team users only have access to the assigned features and applications.

Multi-Factor & Passwordless Authentication

Easily configure primary and secondary authentication methods without writing any codes. Authgear equips your app with a variety of authentication features including passkeys, WhatsApp OTP, social logins, biometrics, etc., to help you enhance user security and improve user experience.

Integration with Existing WIAM

Integrate your business applications with Authgear allows you to centralize management of both internal and external identities as we can integrate with your existing WIAM like ADFS, Google Workspace, etc.

Bulk Account Creation with CSV

Create bulk users by uploading a CSV with users’ email address, phone number, and other user information. You can also choose to either create users through passwordless login or send user invitation emails if either the email address or phone number is missing.

Boost Productivity with Frictionless Onboarding

Guarded with the approval feature, your extended team members can easily create accounts with personal emails and phone numbers without having to create corporate accounts. Furthermore, your support team can also upload a csv file to create bulk users, ensuring that you spend more time on collaboration and less on user onboarding or identity and access management.

Reduce IT Costs with Seamless Management of Identity and Access

Providing self-service user flow allows businesses to reduce IT operational costs and other additional costs associated with password resets. Moreover, the cost per monthly active user of Authgear is much lower compared to the cost per seat of any IAM solution.

Ensure Secure Yet Seamless External Access to Business Apps

90% of passwords are vulnerable to attacks. Implementation of MFA and passwordless authentication not only adds extra layers of security but also provides a smooth user experience. Extended team members can log into your business application via passkeys, WhatsApp OTP, social logins, and other authentication mechanisms of your choice.

Our Solutions In Action

Centralizes Management of Internal and External Access to Internal Apps Through Authgear

One of the major property investment and management groups in Hong Kong has developed several broker apps as part of their digital transformation efforts. These apps are accessed by both their internal employees and brokers. Instead of using the traditional IAM solutions which can be too clunky and complicated for this case, they integrate their broker apps with Authgear so that they can manage both the internal and external users in one place.

Bridging Retail Group Headquarter with Its Branches to Facilitate Various Workflow

Enterprises integrate IAM solutions with their workflow software so that internal employees can access several applications at once via SSO. However, regional teams often don’t share the same user directory. Creating seats at the headquarters’ IAM doesn’t make sense since regional teams don’t need to access the workflow software that often and this will certainly incur some costs. A leading retailer group headquartered in HQ decided to integrate Authgear with their workflow software so they can manage internal users and grant regional teams access to the needed workflow applications to submit documents or collaborate on some tasks.

Cross-Border Access to Well-Being & Payroll Apps

Not all services are available in China and having two different sets of systems and directories can be quite hectic. A well-known Hong Kong-based textile and apparel manufacturer has no choice but to synchronize the information of their factory workers in mainland China with the HR system using an old LDAP server since they can’t use Microsoft AD. This is so that the workers can have access to the manufacturer’s well-being and payroll apps. They decided to integrate Authgear with their apps to automate information synchronization and better manage cross-border identity and access.

Centralize Identity & Access Management to Stay Competitive Without Organizational and Operational Complexity

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